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Waitrose introduces viral TikTok products to new Cooks’ Ingredients range

  • Industry-leading range has over 40 new products to inspire creativity in the kitchen
  • New products include TikTok-famous Cacio e Pepe paste
  • Other trend-led ingredients including frozen wild garlic, gunpowder spice blend, smoked butter and shio koji

Waitrose is relaunching and expanding its hugely popular Cooks’ Ingredients range with over 40 new trend-led products and the widest range of cuisines ever available at the supermarket. 

New additions to the range include TikTok-inspired products like Cacio e Pepe paste - a shortcut ingredient to make a simple and quick version of the Italian classic. Plus, there are several first-to-market own label products for a UK multiple retailer such as fresh pork stock, frozen wild garlic, Japanese seasoning Shio Koji and spice blends including mild and vibrant Deggi Mirch and Indo-French curry powder, Vadouvan.  

The revamped range - which aims to give cooks of all abilities everything they need to be more adventurous in the kitchen - will now include packaging with QR codes linking to online information and recipes to help customers make the most of each product. 

Zoe Simons, Waitrose Senior Brand and Innovation Development Chef, said: ‘There are so many exciting and unexpected ways our new products can be used -  you could try the truffle salt sprinkled on vanilla ice cream, the tajin seasoning sprinkled on fresh mango and the miso butter in chocolate brownies, to name a few!’

Taking inspiration from restaurant menus from around the world, social media trends and best-selling cookbooks, this new launch reflects the changing nature of culinary habits, as we become more adventurous and knowledgeable in the kitchen. While the Cooks’ Ingredients products which launched originally in 2005 mostly focussed on homebaking, herbs and spices, Italian, Indian and Chinese cuisines, the new additions include specific ingredients inspired by South East Asia, Japan and Mexico. 

Tim Daly, Waitrose Product Developer, said: ’The new Cooks’ Ingredients range is all about unleashing creativity in the kitchen. The range truly reflects the way we eat in 2022 - from must-try food trends on social media, to the joy of recreating a dish you loved on holiday at home. Cooking is a hugely important part of our customers’ daily lives - more so than ever before - and we know they look to us for kitchen inspiration. Cooks’ Ingredients encapsulates the excitement and joy of food - vibrant and flavourful ingredients to give home cooks of all abilities the confidence to make delicious dishes at home.’

Mallika Basu, food writer and founder of Basu Consulting, who helped with product development said: 'There is a fine balance for retailers to tread as they introduce exciting flavours from diverse cultures and communities to home kitchens, educating and inspiring while being culturally sensitive. The approach taken to developing these products is market leading in its attention to detail with the ingredients and formulations, and the thoughtful information being shared about them will bring joy to cooks across many different kitchens.'

For the first time, we will be adding QR codes to the labels of nearly 200 Cooks’ Ingredients products, which will provide customers with recipe inspiration, top tips and ways to use each product. The new packaging is also more environmentally friendly, with 62 tonnes of packaging removed - including 41 tonnes of plastic. 

Hero Products

Herbs and Spices

Frozen Wild Garlic, £1.50/ 75g

A leaf with a powerful garlic aroma, wild garlic adds a vibrant burst of flavour to soups and marinades. It makes a great garlic butter when mixed with melted butter and a pinch of salt or, to use it as an alternative to regular pesto, chop it finely and blend with parmesan, pine nuts, lemon and plenty of olive oil, and stir through pasta.

Gunpowder Spice Blend, £2/55g

Make mealtimes go with a bang with this punchy blend of South Indian-inspired spices,called Milagai Podi. Sprinkle our gunpowder spice blend onto meat and vegetables before grilling, or use as a mouthwatering seasoning to add heat to vegetables, fries and wedges.

Deggi Mirch Spice Blend, £2/50g

The blend of Kashmiri chillies and red bell peppers in this Indian style deggi mirch spice blend adds gentle heat and a vibrant scarlet colour to Indian-inspired soups and sauces. Use it to create tender, fragrant tandoori chicken and curries and to add to dhal and rice dishes.

Vadouvan Spice Blend, £2/55g

A delicious combination of sweet and smoky, this Vadouvan spice blend makes a great base for a fragrant curry. Use it to add complexity to rich, creamy soups and sauces, and as a marinade for fish, chicken and pork. Sprinkle over finished dishes as a gentle – but aromatic – seasoning, and spice up movie nights by adding a few pinches to popcorn.

Spiced Onion Topper, £1.50/40g

These crispy, flavour-packed onion sprinkles are perfect for Indian-inspired dishes, adding texture and taste. They also work beautifully scattered into salads or over rice.

Salts and Rubs

Tajin Style Seasoning, £2.50/50g

Pasilla and ancho chillies, along with a blend of spices and lime bring heat and tang to this tajin-style seasoning. Bring something new to summer barbecues by using it to marinate meat and fish before cooking, or try sprinkling over fresh pineapple before grilling for a burst of delicious flavour.

Vegan Shio Koji, £3/150ml

Japanese-inspired shio koji is a mild, slightly sweet seasoning that’s perfect for plant-based dishes. Use it in stocks and sauces, and as a marinade to tenderise meat. Shio koji also makes a great base for a moreish dipping sauce to bring out umami flavours.

Truffle Salt, £4.95/50g

Made from a mix of flaked sea salt and black summer truffle, a sprinkle of this salt makes any finished dish extra special. Try adding a pinch to pasta, risotto or creamy mashed potato. Or, serve in a dish on the table and allow guests to help themselves.

Sauces and Pastes

Cacio e Pepe Paste, £3/90g

Literally translated as ‘cheese and pepper’ in Italian, this Cacio e Pepe paste is inspired by a classic Italian dish. Our paste makes it easy to create a creamy, unctuous and decadent tasting plate of pasta at home.

Black Garlic Paste, £5/95g

Black garlic has a deliciously sweet flavour. Try it spread liberally on crostini to make a decadent canapé or stirred into dressings or as a rub on meat and fish. Swirl it through pasta or rice for bold flavour or use its richness to enhance stocks.

Ramen Paste, £2.50/190g

Rustle up a comforting ramen at home with this paste, packed full of savoury umami flavour. Simply stir into hot water to make a tasty broth, and add noodles, protein and vegetables. Finish with a garnish of chopped nori or sesame seeds.

Vegan XO Style Sauce, £3/190g

A rich umami condiment packed with flavours of oyster mushroom, jackfruit, shallots and Japanese soy sauce. A recipe said to have been created in Hong Kong, our vegan sauce adds a unique pop of flavour to all kinds of South East Asian dishes. Use it to jazz up noodles, spice up stir-fries and liven up fried rice.

Green Tikka Masala Paste, £1.80/190g

A fresh and vibrant green tikka paste made with blended spices, brought together with creamy coconut, fragrant curry leaves and fresh hint of mint. Use as a curry base or with seafood, as a marinade or add a swirl to finish dhals and soups.


Herby Fennel Sausage Crumb, £3/2 x 60g

Dry cured coppa is minced and tumbled in garlic, fennel and rosemary to create this aromatic sausage crumb. Ready to cook, it takes pizzas to the next level, supercharges bolognese sauces, and adds depth of flavour to traybakes and one pot dishes, from pasta and gnocchi to stews and rice.

Spicy Italian Pepperoni, £3/100g

Our spicy Italian pepperoni is packed with flavour and a chilli kick. It’s seasoned with white wine, chilli pepper, white pepper, black peppercorns, paprika and garlic, matured and then smoked over beechwood. Use it hot or cold to spice up homemade pizza, add warmth and smokiness to pasta, and build an unbeatable sandwich by piling it generously into ciabatta or focaccia.


Chocolate & Brazilian Orange Icing, £2.25/400g

Rich chocolate meets the sweet citrus zing of Brazilian oranges in this indulgent icing. Spread generously onto all kinds of cakes, cupcakes, muffins and traybakes.

Flavourful Fats

Miso Butter, £3.50/200g

Creamy butter is blended with miso for that deeply savoury ‘umami’ flavour. Stir into soups and sauces, melt generously onto warm steak or fish, or simply spread on toast for a satisfying snack.

Smoked Butter, £3.50/200g

Creamy butter is blended with punchy garlic and smoked paprika for warmth. It’s ideal for stirring through pasta for extra silky texture and flavour, or for adding a kick to soups.

Notes to Editors

The full new Cooks’ Ingredients range will be in store by early October.

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