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Waitrose launches new Summer Food Festival range

  • Our Summer Food Festival range brings the best flavours from around the world to your table
  • More than 75 new products to choose from that evoke the spirit of summer
  • We’ve taken inspiration from social media trends, restaurant menus, food truck offerings and much more to create products

New at Waitrose for summer 2022 is a range of food inspired by the best flavours the world has to offer - from the humblest street stall to the most vibrant spice market. We’ve taken inspiration from social media trends, restaurant menus, food truck offerings and much more to find dishes that evoke the spirit of summer. There are more than 75 new products in this range, making it one of our biggest launches this year.

Highlights of the range:

  • Mini pancakes inspired by the TikTok trend for pancake cereal
  • Sweetcorn ribs with feta and chilli
  • Truffle beef burgers and truffle brioche burger buns - for the ultimate indulgent burger
  • Frozen pina colada fruit mix - coconut, pineapple and banana pieces make a delicious smoothie or cocktail base

Simona Cohen-Vida, Waitrose product developer, said: ‘We have had the most fun creating this range. We’ve let our imaginations run wild and taken inspiration from all kinds of sources to ensure the products reflect the celebratory mood of summer 2022. We know that the summer months provide many different occasions for our customers to enjoy food and drink - whether it’s a casual al fresco family dinner or last-minute picnic in the park, a barbecue party for friends or a no-cook lunch when it’s too hot to be in the kitchen. This range encapsulates our favourite summer flavours from around the world with some really exciting new products, never seen before at Waitrose.’

The Waitrose summer range will be available by 4th May 2022.


Garlic and Herb Lamb Burger

Waitrose 2 Truffle Flavoured Beef Burgers £4.25/2s

Add a little touch of luxury to your summer. If you’re looking to elevate your barbecue experience, our high welfare beef burgers with truffle-flavoured cheese are the perfect addition to the menu. Indulgent and rich, these burgers are at their best when infused with the smoky flavour that grilling delivers.

Perfect match: Truffle Brioche Buns (£1.60/2s)

Waitrose 4 New York Style Burgers (£4.2/454g)

The unmistakable flavours of the burger joint favourite. All the best bits of a brilliant burger combined into one delicious patty – cheese, American style mustard and gherkins. Go to town with the toppings and recreate your favourite takeaway order from the comfort of home. 

Waitrose Slow Cooked Korean Style Beef Ribs (£7.50/800g)

Slow-cooked Korean-style Galbi ribs served with a hot & spicy Korean barbecue-style sauce containing gochujang paste, soy sauce, honey, ginger and garlic. 'Galbi' translates from Korean as ‘ribs’ and in the United States this term has become synonymous with beef short ribs, usually cut crosswise through the rib bones to produce long, thin pieces of meat.

Waitrose Firecracker Chicken Drumstick Lollipops (£4.25/710g)

Chicken drumsticks with a hot, spicy, fiery firecracker sauce. These drumsticks cook down into a sticky glaze, and the resulting chicken is spicy with some sweet notes. These drumsticks are ‘pulled’, the bone is exposed during cooking to allow for hand-held eating without the mess.

Waitrose Southern Spiced Citrus Chicken Thighs (£4.25/650g)

The flavour of this chicken is ‘Southern Mojo’ - flavourful chicken thighs, marinated in a bold and zesty blend of oil, citrus, garlic and fiery seasonings, originating from the Deep South. It has a sweet, spicy, citrus flavour containing jalapeno chilli, garlic, orange, cumin and oregano.

Mexican Inspired Sweetcorn Ribs (£5/282g)

A real barbecue showstopper, inspired by Mexican street food. Smother the ribs in the Elote sauce - a blend of mayo, chilli, feta and coriander and squeeze with fresh lime for a deliciously sweet and spicy veggie dish.

New Summer Food Festival range brings the sunshine to Waitrose

Picnic and Deli

Waitrose Mature Cheddar Melting Cheese Dip (£4.50/200g)

Add an extra dimension of deliciousness to your next barbecue or summer gathering. Simply heat this mature cheddar dip in its terracotta pot to prepare a rich, warm dipping sauce. Enhance your burgers with a generous drizzle, create an instant and easy fondue or combine with warm tortillas, jalapenos and sour cream to create the perfect platter of nachos. The fantastic flavour comes from cheddar made by fourth generation Lancashire cheesemakers, using milk from our own and neighbouring farms.

Waitrose Chipotle Chilli Firecracker Melting Cheese Dip (£4.50/200g)

Creamy, melting cheese meets the hot kick of chilli in this indulgent dip. Perfect for a party, simply warm through to melt in its own terracotta pot and present to your hungry guests. Drizzle over burgers or kebabs, or serve as a fun twist on a traditional fondue, alongside fresh veggies and bread charred on the barbecue for extra flavour. This rich dip is made with cheese crafted by fourth generation Lancashire cheesemakers, using milk from their own and neighbouring farms.

Waitrose Gunpowder Spiced Chicken Puffs (£3/160g)

Inspired by Southern Indian cuisine, our gunpowder spice packs a highly fragrant, spicy punch. Combined here with minced chicken thigh, potato, red peppers and roasted onions for a flavour-packed snack, these puffs will bring a kick to any picnic or al fresco lunch break.

Waitrose Pork and Onion Bhaji Scotch Egg (£1.60/120g)

Spice up lunchtime, a picnic or any summer celebration with our Indian-inspired take on the classic Scotch egg. British outdoor bred pork is paired with onion and carefully balanced bhaji spices to instantly transport your taste buds, giving this traditional favourite an exciting twist.

Waitrose Korean-inspired Fried Pork Bites (£2.50/200g)

These fried pork bites blend gochujang flavours with cabbage and carrot – all wrapped around a creamy spicy mayo centre. A coating of panko crumb provides the perfect contrasting texture and moreish bite. A delicious addition to any picnic – just remember to share!

Waitrose Spicy Corn Dip with Feta and Charred Corn (£2.50/180g)

Creamy Mexican-inspired dip, blends the deep smoky taste of charred corn with the salty, fresh zing of feta to create a vibrant dip that will bring a little heat.

Waitrose Whipped Feta Dip with Sunblush® Tomatoes (£2.50/180g)

Creamy whipped feta dip with sweet Sunblush® tomatoes and finished with a mint oil drizzle.

Waitrose Cracked Halkidiki Olives with Garlic and Lemon (£3.70/160g)

These Halkidiki olives originate from the Grecian birthplace of Aristotle and have a juicy texture & mellow taste. Each olive has been cracked to allow the full lemon flavour to permeate the olive, making them incredibly zesty. They’re mixed with pickled garlic for a sweetness that perfectly complements the parsley, lemon juice and lemon oil.

Waitrose Mexican Inspired Cornbread with Pulled Beef (£2.50/180g)

Pulled beef brisket in a spicy mole sauce baked in a jalapeno cornbread topped with Mexican tortilla crumb, mozzarella and jalapeno peppers.                                                

Desserts and Drinks 

WR Summer2022 Pina Colada PINK

Waitrose Mini Pancakes (£2.20/200g)

Inspired by the virial TikTok trend for pancake cereal, these fluffy mini pancakes are delicious for breakfast with crispy bacon and maple syrup, or served with fruit and ice cream for a quick and easy dessert. Brilliant beyond breakfast time – our mini pancakes are ideal for piling high and so much more besides. Why not try as a tasty addition to home-made fruit kebabs, ready for dipping in raspberry coulis?

Churros (£3.50/228g)

A classic Spanish treat with cinnamon sugar and chocolate sauce.

Waitrose Frozen Pina Colada Fruit Mix (£2.50/400g)

Frozen Pina Colada mix with coconut, pineapple and banana. Simply add pineapple juice (and a splash coconut rum for an alcoholic kick) for a delicious drink. 

Passion Fruit Punch (£2.50/400g) 

Blend this fruit combo of passionfruit, mango and pineapple with apple juice for fruity, summer refreshment. Add a splash of vodka for the perfect iced sundowner.

The range also includes:


Roasted Tomato, Olive & Rosemary Focaccia

2 Stone Baked Parmesan Ciabatta Rolls

12 Mexican Inspired Sweetcorn Ribs

2 Slow Cooked Barbecue Beef Short Ribs

2 Chilli Halloumi Burgers

2 Wild Garlic And Herb Lamb Burgers

4 Barbeque Pork Loin Steaks

Mexican-Inspired Pork King Kebab

2 Mexican-Inspired Barbacoa Steaks

4 Middle Eastern Inspired Beef Kofta Kebabs

4 Tikka Chicken Breast Kebabs

4 Ginger & Spring Onion Chicken Kofta Kebabs

Tandoori Spiced Chicken Kebab

4 Pork, Roast Tomato & Mozzarella Kebabs

Greek Inspired Halloumi And Vegetable Kebabs

Sweet Chilli & Cheddar Melting Burger Slices

Mexican Inspired Marinated Escalopes

British Roast Chicken Tandoori Thighs


Artichoke Dip With Butter Beans & Red Pepper

Charred Chicken Souvlaki Meatballs

‘Nduja & Mozzarella Pinwheels

Cheese And Pickle Palmiers

Mexican Inspired Beef & Bean Empanadas

Patatas Bravas With Chorizo And Garlic Aioli

Greek Volos Olives With Sundrenched Tomatoes

Gigante Bean Tapas With Roasted Pepper Sauce

Stuffed Piquillo Peppers With Tuna, Ricotta & Olive


Summer Cup Sorbet Minis - the definitive taste of lazy, sun-soaked days - strawberry, apple and orange mingled with mint and cucumber flavours

6 Summer Fruit Kebabs

Super Sweet Sugarloaf Pineapple

Summer Berry Medley Bowl

2 Cherry Bakewell Crumble Cakes

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Bethan Davies
01344 825025
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