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Waitrose reveals how the nation has navigated a year of seismic events

  • Rise in popularity of forgotten and tinned foods - fish heads and Spam sales up 34% and 36% respectively 
  • The Pudding Effect - 46% of us are buying more sweet treats to enjoy at home  
  • The responsibility of the global citizen - 63% of people feel guilty about food waste

The Waitrose Food and Drink Report 2022-23 analyses the nation’s shopping habits and reveals that customers are having to be savvier than ever when it comes to shopping on a budget.  

We are living in an age of flux: rising food prices, climate challenges and a shifting political stage (at home and abroad) and our research found that people are becoming even more budget conscious, seeking out ways to save on their weekly grocery bills. 

72% of survey respondents told us that they are now ‘more mindful’ about their grocery budget and more than a third say they are ‘very concerned’ about how the rising cost of living will affect them in the coming months. 

32% of people say they are looking out for special offers more than ever before and a quarter of people are economising by making shopping lists and sticking to them.

At the same time, more people are asking more questions about where food comes from and, increasingly, the climate impact of what we eat. 

22% of our survey respondents said they now consider the carbon footprint of products and 35% of survey respondents said they are prepared to put things back if there is too much packaging.

James Bailey, Waitrose Executive Director, said, “The events of the last year have created a difficult backdrop for many people and like all supermarkets we’ve had to judge the mood and react. We’re seeing some big changes. 

“With shoppers being more mindful of their grocery budgets and shopping around for more offers, we have responded by doubling down on our good food promise. We believe budgeting shouldn’t mean compromise. 

“While nearly a quarter of shoppers told us they have ‘switched to supermarket own brands for their basics’, we are proud that our Essentials range, which comes with exceptionally high sourcing and welfare standards, delivers on not just price, but quality and taste.” 

Products that defined the year include

The Pudding Effect - 46% of people said they are buying more sweet treats this year. Custard tarts, eclairs and cappuccino mousse are the top 3 best-selling desserts. 

Whipped feta - sales rose by 33% over the summer

Forgotten Food - driven by economy and sustainability, and slow cooking, sales of fish heads, beef shin, ox cheek and lamb neck sales have soared

‘Swalty’ - exclusive new sweet and salty peanut butter has just arrived   

Root Zero - the world’s first carbon neutral potato has seen strong sales

Holistic Living - sales of our Thrive, GoVeggie, PlantLiving, EatFlexi and Gut Health ranges have increased by 74%. Gut health products have proved particularly popular, with sales of kefir yogurt up 51%. 

Products that fell out of favour include

Curry meal kits - homecooks have honed their skills and no longer require as much help creating dishes from scratch

Yeast - sales are down 20% as we stopped baking at home as much

Disposable barbecues - we were one of the first supermarkets to stop selling these

Russian vodka - we removed from our shelves in light of the war in Ukraine

The drinks we enjoyed include

Tequila is the new gin – sales have doubled in size (up 116%) from 2020 to 2021.

Spicy rosé wine- inspired by a TikTok trend, online searches for jalapeños spiked by 40% in July

Corks - set for a comeback thanks to their environmental credentials

No&Low - 30% of us have bought no and low alcohol drinks in the last year

The big trends of 2022

The Thrifty Kitchen                    

Our research found that people are becoming more budget conscious, seeking out ways to save on their weekly grocery bills: 72% admitted they are now more mindful about what they’re spending, and over a third said they are ‘shopping around for bargains’. 27% have taken to planning their meals in advance. 

Edible Escapism

People might be budgeting more, but they’re still making time for little indulgences as 46% of us are buying more sweet treats to enjoy at home. Other popular treats include house plants or flowers (39%) and a bottle of wine (36%). 

Video Goes Viral

The rise of food and drink ASMR content on social media means it’s no longer just about how food looks, but how it sounds and moves. More than half (51%) of all 18-24 year olds told us they have taken to the platform for foodie inspiration this year.     

Less But Better

Quality over quantity definitely seems to be a mantra of 2022, with our survey respondents stating they were buying ‘less but better meat’ ‘for budget and for health reasons’. 

Foods with Benefits

The pandemic has made many people prioritise their health and wellbeing. When asked what was the key to happiness, ‘being healthy’ topped the list, with ‘spending time with friends and family’ a close second. 34% of our survey respondents told us they now try to eat ‘more healthily’ most of the time.

Global Citizen

Over a third (36%) of our survey respondents tell us they are now ‘extremely concerned’ about climate change. While price is still a governing factor in people choosing which product to buy, shoppers want to know the story behind what they’re buying - and if the workers were paid fairly (22%), or the animals were looked after (28%).               

Notes to Editors

The Waitrose Food and Drink Report 2022-23 can be found online at waitrose.com/foodreport

We have analysed extensive internal data to provide an insight into the products that defined the past 12 months as well as what we left off our shopping lists. And we polled 2,000 consumers across the UK of all ages on a wide range of topics.

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