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John Lewis Experts Reveal The Top 10 Beauty And Wellness Moments Predicted For 2023

  • Skin HIIT, The Magic Moment, and The Mood Boosting Secret Weapon among the top beauty and wellness moments predicted for 2023
  • Mushrooms, peptides and ceramides all tipped to be top ingredients consumers will look for 
  • Fermented foods, mind management and scratch-cooking expected to top of the living-well agenda

2023 promises to be the year that we ‘reclaim ourselves’, with our experts predicting that consumers will look for multiple, small joys in their everyday activities to improve body, mind and soul. The next 12 months will see self care take a new direction, no longer all-consuming; sunrise yoga, a green juice, 10k steps and 3 hours of mindfulness before 7am. Instead, what we predict is that there is a wellness moment in everything. From new and considered habits we develop for our skin and hair to how we are using that time to dedicate to ourselves - however big or small - to really make a difference to how we feel.

The John Lewis report couples consumer behaviour and trends alongside expert opinion to predict the ten everyday beauty and wellness moments that will be top of mind for the next 12 months as we navigate a cost of living crisis and economic uncertainty. The most note-worthy moments from the report are highlighted below. 


Resilience and strength training for skin will be high on the agenda for consumers, with morning multi-step skin care regimes being replaced by hero products that protect and build our skin barrier, says Tomas Warwick, John Lewis Lead for Skincare and Wellness.  According to the Met Office, 2022 was one of the warmest on record and ended with two of the coldest weeks in December since 2010; customers are demanding more from their products to see them through these changing weather extremes. Google Analytics search data also shows ‘Skin Barrier’ as a search term has almost doubled in popularity year on year. Quick-fixes are out, considered routines that build long-lasting protection are in. Peptides and ceramides will be crucial ingredients in demand to lock in the moisture and what customers are already searching for with brands including The Ordinary, Dermalogica and Dr Jart+ leading the way, the latter ceramidin range sales increasing +76% versus last year. 

The Magic Moment

Fungi are predicted to take centre stage for ingredients and take over the world of beauty, with benefits including reducing inflammation, treating pigmentation and soothing skin according to Warwick. Brands including Origins, Shiseido, and Dermalogica have created face mists, eye creams and serums to cater to demand and John Lewis is looking to expand this into the supplements later this year. This is even proving popular within the world of nutrition with searches on waitrose.com for Waitrose Porcini Mushroom Powder increasing +200% versus last month. 

The Mood Boosting Secret Weapon

Improving gut health is a priority for many with research conducted by Waitrose revealing that 40% of respondents like to choose foods that 'help keep their gut healthy'. According to Waitrose Nutritionist, Kate Overy, not only can having good gut health potentially strengthen your immunity, digestive and skin health - it may also impact your mood as research shows the gut is estimated to hold up to 95% of the serotonin in our bodies*. The gut-friendly diet that involves eating a greater variety of plants and the addition of culture-rich fermented foods such as Kefir is one of the key trends to watch this year with the Waitrose Kefir Yoghurt seeing a +51% rise in sales.

The 13 Minute Mind Challenge

Traditional meditation is out and mind management is in. Google Analytics data highlights that ‘we are taking a more holistic approach to our health, including looking after mental wellbeing as much as physical with Google search trends in 2022 being driven by heightened emotions’. The 13 minute mind challenge, that involves focusing on a point within the body and bringing the focus back is set to be the new accessible quick fix for those that are time poor and according to Anna Persaud, John Lewis Expert and CEO of ‘This Works’, Conducting this exercise everyday for 8 weeks can help to improve neural plasticity, focus, memory and attention.

The Lipstick Economy 2.0

The ‘lipstick economy 2.0’ sees us move on from ‘luxury pickups’ to ‘daily me-time’ and continual rewards to celebrate the small wins in life as much as the big ones according to Heena Mohammed, John Lewis Lead for Makeup and Fragrance. Whether that’s consumers treating themselves to an entry level product from a premium brand such as a mini candle or room spray from a luxury fragrance house to everyday pick-me-ups such as a 10 minute hair or facemask, a new colour nail polish or treatment (+14%), with sales of OPI +20%, a facial booking at Cavendish Clinic in-store (+296%) or purchasing a new lip oil from Dior, Clarins or Charlotte Tilbury where sales have increased +222%. 

For the full list of the ten predictions see the full PDF report.


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*The gut is estimated to hold up to 95% of the serotonin in our bodies* according to Appleton (2018)