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How UK households will spend Christmas Day 2022

  • Christmas Day looks set to be different this year with millions of households cooking more from scratch to save money, using air fryers, microwaves and keeping the heating low to reduce bills.
  • Most will be dressing down (if you get dressed at all), as one in ten plan to spend the day in pyjamas.

The insights come from research commissioned by John Lewis and Waitrose among 2,000 UK adults who celebrate Christmas. 

The most popular foods people are planning to make themselves to save money are:  1. stuffing, 2. gravy, 3.desserts, 4. mince pies, 5. Christmas pudding, 6. bread sauce and 7. yule logs, 8.canapes, 9. brandy butter and brand sauce, 10. cranberry sauce. 

To save money on bills when cooking their Christmas dinner nearly a fifth said they will use an air fryer and a similar number said they will use a microwave (18%) and cook more on the stove to reduce oven time (18%). 15% said they will serve cold desserts to save money. 

The traditional festive activities we’re least likely to cut back on are: 1. giving gifts to children, 2. drinking alcohol, 3. eating mince pies, 4. sending Christmas cards, 5. buying cheese, 6. Christmas trees, 7. donations to charity, 8. gifts for pets 9. food and drink left out for Father Christmas, 10. a present for ourselves.

When it comes to drinks on Christmas Day the approach for most is sticking to tried and tested favourites.   When asked which drinks they’re most looking forward to prosecco and red wine came top followed closely by non-alcoholic drinks like Coke,and white wine, beer and bucks fizz. 7% are looking forward to a traditional glass of port, 9% want mulled wine, 5% want on-trend rum and 4% are more adventurous in craving an Eggnog. 

Those cutting back on the amount they are spending on gifts are most likely to spend less on the adults closest to them with friends impacted first, followed by partners and siblings. 41% said they will spend less on gifts for friends this year, but  less than half as many (19%) said they will spend less on a secret Santa gift for a work colleague. People started shopping for Xmas earlier than ever this year to spread the cost, and as a result only 15% expect to still be buying gifts on Xmas Eve, which falls on a Saturday this year.

For most it’s going to be a dress down Christmas day with only 9% planning to wear sequins, velvet, black tie, or high heels. Almost half of us (45%) will wear pyjamas, jogging bottoms, or jeans for most of the day, and about a quarter (24%) of UK adults will get in the festive mood by wearing a Christmas jumper.

Only 12% of people expect to have their heating on more than other days with a quarter (26%) planning to have it on less, possibly because their house will be heated by guests. 

Many want to be active and healthy on Christmas Day with 43% planning to stretch their legs on a walk or run, 5% will swim or bathe in cold water. Habits started in lockdown will continue for others with a quarter (24%) planning to have a video call with friends or family, and  5% saying they will do an online exercise class.  Some will unwind from the stress of it all by meditating 6% and just over one fifth (21%) expect to fall asleep after lunch.

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